More about Studio 30

Studio 30 at Cathedral Park Place is a unique destination for art classes, workshops and weekly open painting sessions. 


A professional artist studio, we're located inside the beautiful Cathedral Park Place building in St. Johns (10 minutes from downtown Portland).
Studio 30 comfortably accommodates small to medium size classes, from 2 up to 12-15 participants.

Our beautiful space in St. Johns is right down the street from the historic St. Johns Bridge. The studio features a traditional artist open space atmosphere with high ceilings, natural light, color corrected overhead lights, a lunch area, sinks and bathrooms and a convenient cafe/restaurant (the Cathedral Park Kitchen) directly upstairs.

The neighborhood, St. Johns is bordered by the Columbia River to the northeast, the Willamette River to the northwest, the North Portland railroad cut to the southeast, and the Cathedral Park neighborhood to the southwest. Sightings of Bald Eagles are common!

At Studio 30 you will be able to work in an environment that is sensitive to the aesthetic eye. It's place to allow yourself to be.

About renting the space:
Introductory Rental fee: $140.00 a day (8am-5pm). Deposit required to hold dates. Previous workshop instructors have advised us that our affordable "flat fee" rental fee closely resembles the fee of one workshop participant.  Studio 30 and Cathedral Park Place will not provide any insurance for liability or loss during workshops/classes/studio time and a waiver is required. Contact us for details and to check date availability.

Testimonials by art instructors who have leased Studio 30 for their workshops:

"A beautiful setting. The Cathedral Park is just feet away from the front door! The studio is perfect, roomy, and bank of large windows receive great light. I was pleased to conduct my workshop at Studio 30, it is a professional atmosphere". T O' Malley

"Studio 30 is probably the best workshop facility I've ever worked in. Plenty of space for each student and I appreciated the conversation and coffee area. Everything went smoothly because the facility is so well-thought out/laid out".
Brenda Boylan 

"It is one of the absolute best facilities that I have taught in. I highly recommend it to instructors and participants alike". O. Berberian

Testimonials by workshop participants:

"Kat, your studio is without rival for me. I love the whole thing - the environments, both inside and out".

Marty Tassoni 

"I can't believe how beautiful Studio 30 is the nicest art facility that I have visited. It's very comfortable and condusive to learning"

Georgia Carbary


Testimonials by open painting session participants:


"If you like painting still life or figures in a great atmosphere, this is the place for you"

Joe Howard


"The open painting sessions are the best! Affordable and comfortable"

Quin Sweetman